- Gwen Lawrence, creator of Power Yoga for Sports in New York and works with athletes from all four major sports leagues. Gwen has been the team yoga coach for a number of professional sport teams, including the New York Giants, New York Knicks, New York Yankees, NYCFC, New York Redbulls, and New York Rangers.

Student athletes reap many benefits from sports - the discipline and physical training can be an amazing release from academic and social pressures.  Today teens and young adults are faced with far more distractions and pressure than in generations past. With the additional load of athletics,  yoga can be the missing link they need to help them develop positive ways to cope with stress while also giving them healthy and effective ways to build on their physical skills.

A weekly yoga practice can improve performance and help prevent serious injury. By teaching about the mind-body connection teens and young adults become more aware about their bodies which helps them understand movement mechanics and gives them an edge over athletes that may not possess this awareness.

Because sports and repetitive motion can cause tight and sore muscles, yoga provides the perfect adjunct for any athletes' training program, just ask Tom Brady, 39 years young and still at the top  - he makes flexibility a top priority.

The short list of yoga benefits for athletes:

  • Increased core strength
  • Increased endurance through breath work
  • Improved concentration and focus
  • Improved response and reaction time
  • Increased flexibility & range of motion
  • More relaxed and at ease on the court or field of play
  • Able to get into the "zone"


"Wish I could have started earlier.  Yoga with Kim helped me change the way I moved by making me aware of the muscles involved in my repetitive motions. My vertical leap is way better."

— DJ SAUL, Basketball
former Pioneer (SVHS), and Raider (Moorpark College)

"At first I really didn't feel any difference, but after a few classes my back pain began to get better and I finally learned what was causing it!"

— Anonymous, Runner
former Pioneer (SVHS)