Session 1 – Yoga for Athletes

Tomorrow marks the last class for Session 1 on Yoga for High School & College Athletes!  It’s been a great 4 weeks and I’ve had fun working with the crew.  I realize I need to do more communication and generate more awareness in our community about the benefits of incorporating a yoga practice into an athletes regular training regime.  I will be posting up highlights of future sessions in hopes that many more will come to accept that yoga is an excellent choice for student athletes.

First, let me say — even once a week is very effective at improving your performance levels, not to mention the extra credit for taking initiative on creating a positive new habit that can help you in every area of your student life!

Second, I’m not trying to turn you into a yogi — my job is to help you excel at your sport by showing you how to move into various yoga postures that will  help you:

  • Increase core strength & endurance
  • Improve your focus & concentration
  • Improve response and reaction time on the court/field of play
  • Increase flexibility & range of motion
  • Develop balance and body awareness
  • Learn how to relax and manage performance anxiety and stress

Each week we focus on specific areas of the body that are important to help you flow through the needed actions and reactions of your sport.  We spend time talking about the “why” behind the movement or poses that we are doing, you’ll be learning about the anatomy of your own body.  That knowledge can be very powerful at times that you least expect it!

Finally, yoga is unique in that incorporates a total body approach that allows the student to work with their body, mind and breath.

Still skeptical?  Check out a few articles about how college and professional athletes have used yoga to take their sport to the next level.  I hope to see you at an upcoming session at Yoga Nook, 4449 Cochran (behind the Sunflower market near Tapo St).  Our next 4 week session begins on Wednesday, July 5th at 3:00pm.  Only $60 for 4 weeks, 75 minute class each week, includes all equipment.

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