Yoga Programs for Your Sports Team or Athletes
Private or Semi-Private Sessions
Small Groups in Studio (5-20)
NEW!! Large Groups in Gym Setting (20-40)
Or, We Come to Your Gym or Field


Players and coaches!  Sign up for occasional news, discounts and training tips.  When you confirm your subscription I'll send you a free PDF with 3 easy stretches/warm-ups geared toward your sport.

Current Schedule

I have ongoing weekly classes and monthly clinics at some facilities.  Please make sure to RSVP via email as some classes tend to fill up and we only have so much space available. For private/semi-private sessions please email.

Yoga for Athletics is Different

I don't want to turn you into a pretzel - unless that is on your goal list for the year! I am passionate about teaching and am always learning!  I realize you may be leary about Yoga - I get that all the time, learn more about what really happens in a class!

More About Me

My background and training.  I have loved sports my entire life and I understand the demands on players.  My goal is to help coaches win more games and student athletes to become more successful in sport, school and life.